Architecture and interior design is art you can live in, and like art, some of it is bad and some of it is good. And some of it is pure genius. Welcome to Villa Alcuzcuz.

Villa Alcuzcuz is basically a showcase villa, but it has a great deal more to show than any other of its kind (the high-end market) on the Costa del Sol, or indeed anywhere else in the world.

Earlier this year UDesign entered the luxury villa market hoping to build a villa that would epitomise the spirit and soul of the company: overall excellence both visually and functionally, attention to detail, exactly the right furniture and fittings in exactly the right places, the effortless flow from one space to another, proportional perfection and the use of light as an essential design element. “Good design is not just about making a space look good. It’s about making it feel good,” says Creative Director Jason Harris. “In each space we design we’re trying to combine visual and functional aspects to perfection. Good design is both of these working together in harmony.” See more about Villa Alcuzcuz.

Good design is not just making a space look good. It’s about making it feel good.