Bespoke Furniture

Sometimes you want a piece of furniture that just fits perfectly with your design and you don’t want to compromise on size, material or colour. We specialise in creating outstanding bespoke furniture that is as unique as your ideas.

Our skilled and passionate team of craftsmen consists of experienced cabinet makers, carpenters, metal workers, specialist paint finishers, upholsterers and product engineers. Furniture design is part art and part engineering and our team take great pride in their craft, understanding the intrinsic role that furniture plays in our homes and businesses. UDesign furniture will live life with you, and longer! It’s created to last, and to be admired.

When choosing your special piece of furniture you can select from one of our luxury furniture lines or simply commission us to make you something 100% bespoke.

Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture is an exciting process. You get to see your ideas turned into beautiful creations that suit your environment perfectly. Original handmade furniture defines your relationship to your own living (or working) space and reflects your personality.

Outstanding bespoke furniture that is as unique as your ideas