UD Signature Collection

Furniture is very often, by its nature, function first and artistry second. Our craftsmen meld these two together so that artistry and function walk hand in hand. Neither takes first place over the other. Beauty, elegance and functionality come together with meticulous attention to detail.

Our master craftsmen have years of experience and love the problem-solving process that is usually part and parcel of designing furniture. In the end it’s not just how unique each piece of furniture is, it’s the passion that goes into making each item. Commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture is an exciting process. You get to see your ideas turned into beautiful creations that suit your environment perfectly. Original handmade furniture defines your relationship to your own living (or working) space and reflects your personality.

Most of our customers are looking for something that oozes quality and is highly original. This is our forte! As we design and manufacture our own exclusive line of furniture we are not limited to the catalogues of our providers. Our providers don’t dictate what we design, it’s the client, the country and the building that bring the style together.

Beauty, elegance, functionality and meticulous attention to detail…