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The best places to sleep with mother nature

According to research, sleeping in nature can benefit your health and even improve your quality of sleep, but it does depend on how you do it. For example, sleeping in a tent in the woods can prove counter productive in terms of a good nights sleep; very uncomfortable, cold and usually involves a fair amount of squatting.

So, here we have put together a list of the best places to sleep where you can be connected to nature but with the comfort and luxury any 5-star hotel could offer.

1. The Olive Suite

The first on our list is the most luxurious of our selection – the Olive Suite created by UDesign, and yes, that’s a real 75-year-old olive tree in a real bedroom that you see in the picture. In fact, it’s so real that it’s open to the sky – hail, rain or shine. “When it rains, it rains in the middle of your bedroom” says Jason Harris Creative Director at UDesign. How relaxing listening to the rain softly falling while you are cosy in bed.


2. The Treehouse

Located at the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa, this “Million-Star Experience” is a definite favourite, few experiences in the world could compare to this.

nature sleep

3. The Manta Resort – Underwater Room

The Underwater Room on Pemba Island in Tanzania has a different take on connecting with nature. With a lounge area and bathroom facilities floating on top of the water it offers one of the most amazing bedrooms in the world, downstairs, underwater!

nature sleep

nature sleep

4. The Null Stern Hotel 

A concept hotel constructed out of a former nuclear bunker and designed by brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, this has got to be as close as you can get to nature: a king-size bed in the middle of the Swiss Alps!

nature sleeps

nature sleep

5. Nkwichi Lodge

OK, this gets pretty close as well. Situated on a deserted beach on the shores of Lake Malawi with no light pollution for miles and miles, you could imagine a night in this “Star-Bed” would be an unforgettable experience.

nature sleep

6. Treehotel, Harrads, Sweden 

While not as exposed to nature as some of our previous rooms you still feel the connection, like you are one with the trees…or even one OF the trees!

nature sleep

7. Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile 

Set in a Biological Reserve in the Patagonian rainforest, the “Magical Mountain” lodge is a very fitting name. This eco-hotel, shaped like a volcano with waterfalls cascading down it, offers cosy rooms crafted from tree trunks and no TV or wifi. Now that is really connecting to nature!

nature sleep

8. Attrap’Rêves, France

A hotel that offers queen-size beds and panoramic views! Fall asleep outside, looking up at the stars, cocooned in a very, very comfortable bubble.

nature sleep

9. Bambu Indah Eco Resort

Last but certainly not least – The Bambu Indah is not only somewhere you can go to experience nature, it is a hotel that literally takes care of nature. It was built by long term residents of Bali and functions sustainably, from green initiatives to reduction in light pollution all the way to its organic kitchen.

nature sleep