Virtual Concept Design

For every project, UDesign’s in-house virtual artists work together with the design team to create photo real 3D images highlighting in detail both interior and exterior, landscape, garden and pool areas, to provide clients a “glimpse into the future” so they can visualize their fully-furnished project before it is even built.

Furniture, fabrics, colors, materials and lighting are selected and then implemented into the design, including the actual views from the property so that every detail is brought to life, enabling clients to see their future home whilst still having the flexibility to experiment with different ideas along the way, avoiding any potentially costly errors as any changes in the design are made virtually.

We also provide 360-degree virtual tours, which create an interactive experience, allowing clients not just to see the space but also to feel it as if they were there. The spaces we create are fully detailed so clients can step inside their future homes and perceive how it would look like from any point of view.

Virtual Tour Manhattan Suite Apartment


Which image is a 3D rendering and which is a photograph?
During the interior design process our in-house visual artists create very realistic and highly detailed 3D renderings, as is evident in the renderings and real photographs you can see here. It is pretty difficult to tell the two apart. (The images on the top are renderings).
You can see the real photographs of this home by viewing our Tangier Apartment.