La Zagaleta

The whole design of this exquisite home is based around a central atrium soaring over 8 metres high right up from the basement to the top floor. Quite a design challenge!

The owners wanted the basement to have a garden feel to it, so starting with the concept that plants and trees are sculptures in themselves, UDesign cleverly combined nature with furniture to create a magical feel to the whole property. They created a hanging garden, quite literally, throughout the whole atrium which is seen differently from every floor. Bonsai trees, in specially made pots, were suspended using steel cables. This created enough space in the basement for a walk-in garden where you can interact with the space rather than having the garden inaccessible behind a glass wall. The pots are covered in grasses and plants and the steel cable systems allows the trees to be lowered up and down for care and maintenance.

The oriental, zen feel is carried through the entire house, and this distinct style combined with high-end, contemporary pieces of furniture and lighting creates a sumptuous and relaxing environment.

UDesign created a hanging garden with Bonsai trees, plants and a red maple