Interior Design

STAGE 1 / Initial Consultation

When you first come to UDesign with an interior design project, perhaps a refurbishment or a brand-new home, or a section of your home that needs to be redesigned or redecorated, the first step is to talk about your lifestyle needs, your goals for the space, and of course, your personal style and preferences.
Some clients come to us with an idea in mind – they’ve seen a home they love in a magazine or on a website and they want to bring elements of this design into their new home. For others, they have no idea of what they want, but they do know what they don’t want.
We can work with either approach. Often, walking around our showroom is enough for most clients, who quickly find a style that they love from one of our many different design zones.
This initial meeting is an opportunity to get to know the requirements, gather information about the project, assess the space, and determine a budget.

STAGE 2 / Design Concept

In the initial meeting we will have established what the vision and requirements are for the project, and an approximate budget. We then get to work creating a design concept.
An interior design concept is the central theme that all the design elements are focused upon. It exists as an idea first and is brought to reality through careful planning. It evokes a specific mood by strategically using colour, space, and style. This is the stage where we turn ideas into realities.
The concept functions as a roadmap that drives our choices regarding the design, aesthetics, colour and material selection, as well as other details.
The concept we present at the end of this stage will include a detailed floor plan with spatial planning for furniture placement, a colour scheme, and a selection of materials that will guide the rest of the design process.

STAGE 3 / Design Development

Once the design concept is agreed by all parties we can then refine it and create detailed drawings that highlight the furniture, lighting, fixtures and finishes via two dimensional mood board presentations.
We can then create 3D renderings (if required) which will bring the concept to life. Our award-winning CGI artists create photo realistic images of the design which can easily be changed or modified at this stage. We also use additional physical materials to illustrate the proposed design.
On completion and acceptance of the final design proposal, a full detailed quotation for all furniture, lighting and accessories can be issued along with an estimated delivery and installation time.

STAGE 4 / Execution & Installation

After acceptance of the full quotation we begin with the ordering and purchase of all items and materials, with a defined timescale depending on size of the project for delivery and installation.
The below only applies to projects where construction is needed, such as in a brand-new home, extensive refurbishments or modifcations to existing interior spaces.
Construction Documentation:
We create detailed construction documents that outline the scope of work, specifications, and other details necessary for the project to be built.
Construction Administration:
We oversee the construction process to ensure that the project is executed according to the design. This may involve coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.