Los Monteros

Using the same natural materials that have been used for millennia, but with a touch of opulence and a lot of creativity, UDesign have created a house that is beautiful, comfortable, practical and unique.

One would assume its main design feature is the extensive use of onyx and walnut panelling, but it could be all the features together, from the fabulous pieces of designer furniture and fittings to the mirrored ceiling over the formal dining table or the fact that the kitchen, with its panelled Calcutta ceramic tiles, is unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Or it could be the overall tone of the house achieved by the perfect blend of texture, material and colour throughout, both natural and manmade. But searching for a single feature that stands out from the rest is probably misinterpreting the concept of wholeness in the overall design.

Wood and stone, two natural materials that become less common when used uncommonly, alongside the restrained use of other materials that do not overshadow them. If the essence of good design is less, there is a great deal of it here. And that’s also the essence of good living.

Natural materials combined with a touch of opulence and a lot of creativity