Villa Andaluz

The inner courtyard, the sound of water, the air flowing naturally through the open terraces and seating areas: the Moors improved on the Roman version and UDesign have improved on that in this magnificent modern-day cortijo.

This classic but contemporary Mediterranean home is filled with the flavours of Andalucia: subtle hints of an ancient Moorish architectural heritage and all the style and elegance of the best of 21st century luxury living in Southern Spain. It is, in essence, a re-design of a classic Andalusian cortijo, first designed by the Romans as up-market farmhouses for family living.

UDesign’s approach was not to recreate this ageless design, but to incorporate its most beneficial features into a luxurious contemporary home. All the bedrooms, lounge and kitchen lead onto the courtyard, allowing the sound of running water and the beautiful scents of the citrus trees to permeate the spaces within.

But no hint of rough farm living here, where technology also reigns: the touch of a button hides the glass doors in the walls, allowing for better air circulation throughout the long summer months.


UDesign have brought together the old and the new to create this contemporary cortijo