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  • roof terrace

    Closer to Heaven

    Architectural space is a funny thing. Too little of it makes us feel uncomfortable and too much of it makes us feel uncomfortable. Getting it just right is the...

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  • Jonathan Adler

    Heart of Clay – This is Jonathan Adler

    It’s not easy to write about Jonathan Adler. Or to be more specific, it’s not that easy to define him in words. Is he maximalist or minimalist? Is he...

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  • Insidherland

    Inside Insidherland

    Portugal has a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship, dating from long before the word ‘design’ became an industry. Craftsmen would simply make things, relying on intuition born of years of...

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  • Manhattan Suite

    UDesign Showcase: Manhattan Suite Apartment

    You’ve made it big, you’ve made it bold. You’ve proven yourself a Master of the Universe, and you are now the Monarch of Manhattan, the King of New York....

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  • Scarlet Splendour

    Scarlet Splendour!

    Wedged somewhere in fantasy land between Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland, these luxury designer pieces will blow your mind. Meet Scarlet Splendour. Scarlet Splendour: the first time we’ve...

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  • design trends

    Design Trends: Digital printing, fascinating surfaces & gorgeous wallpaper

    Digital printing on leather, interior design in Milan by Tom Dixon, fascinating surfaces, gorgeous wallpaper and Italian brand Lalabonbon’s new MISS collection make up this season’s design trends. TOM...

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  • villa serenity

    Villa Serenity

    This beautiful villa in the heart of the Italian Riviera is true to its name. With a palette limited almost exclusively to white, black and dark bronze, it has...

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  • Vistalago

    Viva! Vista Lago

    Cutting edge is a phrase over-used by many a hack wielding a keyboard, faced with a work of contemporary art and not having a clue what to say about...

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  • 21

    The magic of Maurizio Marcato

    Known for his evocative architectural and interior images, Maurizio Marcato has gained an international reputation as the creative force behind many famous brands. His unusual talent for making us...

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  • 05

    Curious to the max: Interview with Markus Benesch

    It prompted Leonardo to seek a means of defying gravity. It encouraged Albert Einstein to search for some of the answers to our universe. It’s what makes artists and...

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